Dispensary and Point-of-Sale Pharmacy Software for New Zealand


Text Outs Connect to Your Customers In a Way They'll Respond

Whether you're thinking marketing or LTC support, using texts suits your customer now. Set up a template that works for your specific offer or create a new one each time to get that message just right. 

LTC Last Contact Report

The support you need to provide to LTC patients can seem daunting. It isn't when you use the Last Contact Report. Watch an intro HERE

Tap and Go Eftpos

If you've tried these new devices you'll know they are super quick. LOTS is fully accredited and works now.

Scheduler Means You'll Never Forget

Tried LOTS scheduler? It's a diary reminder system to use for customers, staff, consult rooms or order reminders. Anything to help make  life simpler.

Needing An Intro?

If you new to LOTS or need a starting hand look HERE for other YouTube Help Videos

 With LOTS EasySwitch a move to LOTS is surprisingly straight forward.  Conversion data is checked and given to you to fully test beforehand. Make the change that will boost your business make your teams life easier.

Grow Your Business With
LOTS Dispensary and

Support of LTC is made easy with the Last Contact Report. Check it out here http://Really Helpful LTC Stuff

You know all!  Because LOTS uses 1 database file you have complete retail, dispensary, stock, debtor and club information at your finger tips. That makes reporting on your business complete.

Are you using LOTS automatic orders? Our testing shows they  predict sales to 97% accuracy saving you plenty of time
Market leading stock management. One of our customers dropped $12,000 worth of excess stock in their first 12 months using our system.
Using Clubs you can generate targeted mailing lists to boost return visits
Sales are very quick – complete a sale using LOTS in as little as 4 key strokes
Automatically Split Orders by Supplier or Cost Price
Complete with Head Office functionality to make managing branches and stock possible
DPS EFTPOS links to LOTS and uses the internet so is quick
LOTS Business Reports give you accurate information which you use to boost business performance. Sales, Stock turn, GMROI, Purchasing, Staff Performance and Dead Stock. And all our reports can be exported to other Windows programs
With 5 pharmacists on the help desk team you speak to experts that understand pharmacy.
Waiting weeks to months for updates on your current software? Program updates and new supplier files are released daily to you.

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